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India—my nation—is being rebuilt. Her foundation is being laid on the imagined land that claims to be the birthplace of my grandmother’s God. In the mythology that she passed down to me during many summer nights, her God was magical, kind, imaginative and democratic—just like my India was supposed to be. But today, through its many retellings and reimaginings, the tale is being used as a political tool to manifest the violent desire of a Hindutva state. This film attempts to remember—as well as dream—a forgotten nation.
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In July, 2020, three year old Ayaad became the sole witness of an incident which resulted in the shooting of his grandfather by the Jammu and Kashmir security officials. In Ayaad, I find the echo of Agha Shahid Ali’s Rizwan, who speaks the truth of Kashmir. The film questions the harsh realities that are hidden in the alluring landscapes of Kashmir.

Screened At: Camden International Film Festival, REDCAT (LA), 2220 Arts + Archive (LA), and Analogica, Italy

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Flowers brought by friends in memory of The Velvet Underground, turn into impressions on film. It is the music video that Lou Reed (sadly) never asked for.

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In this film, an image becomes a site that the family revisits again and again.

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With Sindhu dancing next to them, the two brothers spend their days awaiting and celebrating their childhood and the freedom that they have been promised. We drift from one seemingly happy memory to the next. But, interspersed between their illusion of freedom are hints of the future that awaits the country.

Screened at Cut.In Student Film Festival (2017), Irregulars Art Fair, New Delhi (2017), Mumbai International Film Festival - Student Film (2017).

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